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Large Banquet Room [Zuiun, Hosho, Ruri]

Small Banquet Room [Shinju, Kohaku, Sango]

Meal served at the party – Exemplary image

Meal served at the wedding – Exemplary image

Banquet Room Capacity
8F Banquet Room Banquet Conference/Lecture Meeting
Sit-down dinner Reception style dinner Classroom Style
All Banquet Rooms
[Zuiun, Hosho, Ruri]
Up to 440 guests Up to 800 guests Up to 400 guests
Zuiun Up to 120 guests Up to 150 guests Up to 140 guests
Hosho Up to 120 guests Up to 120 guests Up to 80 guests
Ruri Up to 80 guests Up to 80 guests Up to 70 guests
Shinju, Kohaku, Sango Up to 40 guests Up to 30 guests Up to 21 guests
Boulogne Up to 50 guests Up to 60 guests
Shiho Up to 8 guests
9F Dining
9F Private Dining Room in Japanese style
Japanese Room/Ayame, Hagi, Botan, Yuri
From 2 to 16 guests


Reservations / Inquiries
024-522-5111 Reception hours: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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