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Hotel Tatsumiya opened as the first full-fledged urban style hotel in Fukushima by JR Fukushima Station East Exit in 1973.

Since then, as a pioneer in the hotel industry, we have built the foundations of hotel lifestyle in present-day Fukushima by disseminating food culture information and suggesting various ways to use the hotel.

Many of our experiences have turned into reliability and tradition. As a symbol of the prefectural capital of Fukushima, our hotel has been enjoyed by city residents as well as people outside the prefecture.

In 1994, our hotel went through a major renovation, establishing the largest banquet rooms in the northern area that can accommodate up to 1,000 guests for reception style events and 600 seated guests for dinner parties. This renovation allowed us to accommodate the needs of large weddings and conferences that are held in Fukushima city, which literally made us a hotel that represent the prefectural capital Fukushima.

In September of 2013, to commemorate our 40th anniversary, the front desk and lobby on the first floor and restaurants on the eighth floor were renovated to create a facility and products that correspond to the changing times.

Taking advantage of the abundance of experience and know-how that we acquired over the years, all of the staff at our hotel aspire to further enhance our spirit of hospitality.

Our Motto

“A hotel that makes guests and staff smile”
While valuing tradition and innovation, Hotel Tatsumiya corresponds to trust and expectations from the guests with our “unchanging reliability” to achieve creation of a hotel filled with smiles.

Company Overview

Company Name Hotel Tatsumiya Co., Ltd
Representative President and Representative Director: Shuya Kuwana
Capital 1 million yen
Number of employees 73 (55 male and 18 female employees)
Business Description Hotel/Parking garage
Inside the hotel: Accommodation (front desk), restaurant & bar, Japanese restaurant, Japanese-style private dining rooms, large and small banquet rooms, shrine Government-Registered International Tourist Hotel/Member of the Japan Hotel Association

Company History

February 1899 Established restaurant “Tatsumiya” in the current location.
January 1914 Launched inn “Tatsumiya Ryokan” and canteen “Tatsumi Shokudo.”
March 1950 Launched fruit and souvenir shop “Tatsumiya Baiten.”
November 1959 Launched sushi restaurant “Tatsumi Sushi.”
April 1969 Established “Tatsumiya Co., Ltd.” to take over the restaurant, inn, canteen, sushi and souvenir shop businesses. Capital of 5 million yen. Seiji Morioka as the President and Representative Director.
October 1971 Increased capital to 20 million yen.
January 1972 Opened “Tatsumiso” at 6-28, Sakaemachi, Fukushima City
February 1972 As part of the Fukushima Station Area Redevelopment Project, construction of “Tatsumiya Building” was launched at the current location. Restaurant, inn, sushi and souvenir shop businesses were temporarily closed due to construction.
September 1973 “Tatsumiya Building” completed. “Hotel Tatsumiya” was launched.
June 1984 Hotel “Tatsumiya Sanso Satonoyu” was launched at Tsuchiyu Onsen in Fukushima city.
March 2003 Settled “Niku no Tatsumiya Ltd.” and took over the business.
January 2004 Launched a wedding reception venue “Manor House Snowshill” inside Anna’s Garden, in Arai, Fukushima city.
November 2006 Opened “Shiho no Ma,” a western cuisine dining hall, inside the hotel.
July 2012 Established Hotel Tatsumiya Co., Ltd. as a hotel managing company.
September 2013 Renovated the entrance (front desk and lobby) on the first floor and Restaurant & Bar ROSAGE, and Japanese Cuisine SHINOBUNOSATO on the eighth floor.
Reservations / Inquiries
024-522-5111 Available for 24 hours a day
Click here to inquire by e-mail

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