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Facility Information

There are 60 guestrooms from single rooms to suites, all with a serene interior décor that promises deep comfort. Enjoy a refined and private  relaxing experience.


7F Shrine
Photo Studio
Beauty Salon
10F Guestrooms
1F Front Desk
Wedding Planning Office
Banquet Reservation Desk
9F Guestrooms
9F Private Dining Rooms in Japanese style
(Ayame/Hagi/Botan/Yuri no Ma)
B1 Parking 8F Restaurant & Bar ROSAGE
Japanese Cuisine SHINOBUNOSATO
Large Banquet Rooms(Zuiun/Hosho/Ruri no Ma)
Small Banquet Rooms(Shinju/Kohaku/Sango no Ma)
Dining Venues(Shiho no Ma/Boulogne)
B2 Parking
B3 Parking


Reservations / Inquiries
024-522-5111 Available for 24 hours a day
Click here to inquire by e-mail

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