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Guestrooms that promise a comfortable private experience with a serene interior decor for a pleasant and relaxing time.


Suite Room

Double Room (44 m²)
Twin Room (36.5 m²)

Single Room

Standard (14 m²)
Deluxe (14 m²)

Double Room

Standard (16 m²)
Deluxe (19 m²)

Twin Room

Economy (16 m²)
Standard (19 m²)
Deluxe (23 m²)

Prices (Including tax)

Economy Standard Deluxe Suite
Single 7,560 yen 8,100 yen
Twin 12,960 yen 14,040 yen 17,280 yen 37,800 yen
Double 12,960 yen 14,040 yen 43,200 yen

10% of  service charge will be added.

In-Room Facilities

In-Room Facilities

TV, Phone, Electric Kettle, Refrigerator, Hair Dryer, Bidet Toilet, Hand Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Hand Towel, Bath Towel, Wash Cloth, Pajama (top and bottom), Slippers


Toothbrush/paste, Razor (for men), Cotton Pad, Cotton Swab (for women), Hair Band (for women), Hair Brush, Green Tea, Hoji Tea (tea bags)

Guestroom Features

・Free Wi-Fi in all guestrooms.
・Pajamas are available in each guestroom.
・Now providing a complimentary bottled water.

Reservations / Inquiries
024-522-5111 Available for 24 hours a day
Click here to inquire by e-mail

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